Mattawa of the Ancient World

Mattawa was originally a rest stop for explorers and fur traders in the early 1600s. It’s widely held that Etienne Brule was the first Voyageur to set foot on our shores, with his employer, Samuel De Champlain, arriving two years later in 1612.
Being intersection of Mattawa River, which extends west & Ottawa River, which continues North, Mattawa was perfect place to set up camp. A trading post was built by the Northwest Company in 1784 & a community was born.
Centuries of history in Mattawa, from first nations who inhabited this land, to the fur traders, loggers, railway, and then the Trans-Canada Highway. It has primarily been a place for travellers & explorers to catch their breath.

Mattawa Here and Now

Take on nature’s challenge and go hunting, hiking, fishing, or biking. Canoe the waterways and explore the ancient shores. Or grab a coffee and look out on the mountains. Whatever you choose, know that when you set foot on Mattawa’s soil, you’ve stepped into history. This deep heritage has carried Mattawa up to recent years. Forestry and the railway have been pillars of our economy, but the decline of both industries has forced us to rediscover who we are.

How You Fit In

Nature is still our number one asset. The scenery, the waterways, and the wildlife provide visitors with diverse opportunities for adventure or relaxation. Even though myriads of boots have already left their prints on Mattawa, yours are still missing. Come for a weekend getaway, stop over for a night on your way through, or stay a week. If you’re an adventurer, we have plenty to offer you. If you need a break, the bed, the food, and the view can’t be beat. To pick out the right room for you, visit our accommodations page.